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Andrew Solovay wrote:
> "John Galloway" < <>>
> > --- In
> <>, Greg Stafford <Greg_at_...>
> wrote:
> >> > Hermes.
> >>
> >> See, he's a god who is far removed from the cosmic.
> >>
> >
> > Excuse me, but what does this last statement *mean*?
> Based on Greg's response to me, I think that was a typo--Greg meant to
> write
> that Hermes is far removed from the role of a cosmic Trickster. He has
> cosmic functions, as befits a god (the guide of the souls of the dead,
> the
> messenger of Heaven), but he isn't fundamentally a force of disorder.
> Greg, is that a fair rephrasing?

> > Are gods with a close cosmic connection ones who only embody/encompass
> > a single, simple concept like Growth or Fire or Vengance?

Think of the abstract power that lies behind a god. Let's call it a Rune Power.
Most entities of the Invisible Worlds are mixtures of those powers, and with a cultural "mask," or shape, or form, or manifestation... Some entities manifest one of those powers, only, all the time, without will or consciousness or desire for anything else. And THOSE are the "rune entities," or th "background powers" or the "cosmic archetypes."

> >
> > Are there any 'cosmic' gods to be found in the pantheons of the
> > Greeks/Romans? the Egyptians? Norse? (etc) Or do we have to look to
> > more 'primitive' cultures for examples?
> I don't grok all this golden-boughery.

Golden Bough is, of course, largely discredited now, so don't bother to catch up. :-)

> But in Greg's response, he agreed
> that Hermes had a cosmic link/function, just not the "Trickster"
> function.
> So evidently, a god doesn't need to have a "single, simple" link--he
> doesn't
> have to be *just* "Growth".

In fact, most of the entities that are known as "gods" or "spirits" or "esences" are this type of mixture.
When we look at the rune of some entities, and it is a single rune only, SOMETIMES they still have a personality, that outer shell, but often they serve one purpose--the manifestation of that particular rune power.

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