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Hello sirs,

On Jan 19, 2008 6:12 PM, Peter Metcalfe <> wrote:
> Secondly even if Odayla replaces Orlanth Adventurous, the Sylilans
> still have to worship Orlanth Thunderous for the weather and Orlanth
> Allfather for the civilized arts.

Are there any Orlanth cults in Sultanate? I think Worship of Orlanth is entirely banned in Empire. Not true?


Oh, thank you for info! It is very useful!

On Jan 19, 2008 6:44 PM, Jeff Richard <> wrote:
> Two key questions - where in Sylila and when? Sylila consists of many
> tribes and cities from several cultures: Odaylding, Heortling,
> Talastaring, Dara Happan, Dara Ni, and even Carmanian enclaves. The
> gods of Jillaro are not the same as the gods of Cafol or Thubana.

I don't decide yet, but Syliling Hill in 1610s-20sis most likely. Or around Rist (Near Palace of Flowers).

> Check out the post I sent
> back a month or two ago, which summarizes some of the discussions Greg
> and I had about Talastaring Orlanth worship. Keep in mind that the
> Odaylings are different from the Talastarings.

I have read it and thought Ir is another name for Ernalda. There is many odd names and I think numerous little cults are there among Syliling, too.

> Hwarin Dalthippa and Hon-Eel are going to be important and widespread
> goddess. Hwarin Dalthippa is the patron goddess of Jillaro and of the
> rulers of Sylila. Then again, Jillaro is not really an Odalying city.

I guess Hwarin have Conquering aspect other than Builder aspect as in ILH-2.

> Finally keep in mind that the Odalyings have lots of little gods and
> spirits that the Heortlings and Dara Happans do not know.

As per Blood Over Gold ...
Thank you for information!

Tadaaki Kakegawa


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