Praxian Sable Rider Storm Bulls

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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 09:39:04 -0000

One of my players in my new RQ campaign has created a Praxian Sable Rider and is keen to make him a Storm Bull. This is fine by me, as it means the character can later enter the Garhound Contest.However it got me thinking (as attitudes to Lunars will be important later in my campaign):

What became of Sable Storm Bulls after Moonbroth and the alliance of their tribe with the Lunars?

According to Drastic Resolutions: Prax one in twenty Sable males are SB worshipers, so I doubt that they all became outcasts (as, for example, the ready-to-play Sable Rider Storm Bull PC in the Avalon Hill River of Cradles book did).

Yet I just can't imagine what else a Sable SB would do in this situation, it seems that such an alliance would make their continuing presence in the tribe untenable. Is it possible the Sable Khan persuaded the SBs that the Lunars weren't chaotic (since they don't detect as such)?

Or did sheer pragmatism take over (with Sable SBs simply trying to 'ignore' the alliance and stay away from Lunar contact? Perhaps the benefits of the alliance have been so great that it is possible.

Many thanks for any thoughts on this, they are very much appreciated.


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