Re:Is there more about the 'future' other than King of Sartar?

From: Osentalka <Osentalka_at_wIwEHPqyAWCwLghMhh2PNbOENcsQrYOlPYDBEs5B_pFW6wpAKkdM4GmYCJjeGvhCT9>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 19:06:03 +0100

Hello Friends

as much i would love to see a book on gloranthas future, i would like it to presented as an outlook on a possible future, and not THE future.

For me 1621 S.T. and the following "Argrath Saga Campaign" is the NOW of glorantha, everythingh else is the past (which i also have used as setting; using Gregs 1st age Seshnela "Hrestols Sage" as main inspiration... long before other 1st age data about the west was published), or the future.

I like to explore more the now (more HeroQuest books), and am eager to know more about the past (Staffords Library books and NRQ Glorantha books), BEFORE we move on to the future.

I AM very interested in gloranthas future, but i would not like to learn more about the future before we explored the here and now.




> I have considerable data on this, and ma working on a book to reveal it.
> I regret having many items in line to work on before it, but as usual,
> beg patience and understanding for delays.
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