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From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_00EVLXAJurwIe0eDT2GUIRlxUAiJXUahp0XNlN4jXP7L9K4LpQT9K4ztSGeojwhFKVJ>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 22:54:18 -0000

> Just a train of thought really, seeing if it leads me somewhere...At
> its basest I'm wondering if Lunar magicians are able to create
> illusory siege equipment/aides that will last long enough to be
> actually useful - a ramp, such as those created at Whitewall for
> example...just trying to quantify it...I know that required a very
> large human sacrifice...

It ends up requiring a human sacrifice, but that wasn't intentional.

I don't have KoS handy, but it says something like it should have been easy, but several hundread soldiers whose souls were supporting the deed were killed by the effort.

Ritual magic, and the walls of Whitewall obviously have serious magical resistance, instead of just the mundane resistance for their hight.

For what it's worth, I illusion is very appropriate for the Lunar empire. Reflections and illusions have been linked to the moon for a long time, both in our world and with Glorantha. I'm going to be running the invasion of Sartar with a player character as the lunar general (Dara Happan born blood relative of the Emperor) responsible for the Tarsh / Sartar border. The player knows a lot about Glorantha, but has never read KoS.

Anyway, he has indicated that he will use his influence/budjet to get some serious illusion mojo. The character dislikes both artillery style battle magic and the use of chaos, and I'm sure the field colleges are flexible enough to give him some illusionary units when he needs them.

Those units will be convincing even at close range, but will disappear when actual battle is joined with them. No doubt the general will think of other uses for the illusions as well. Feeding false information to your enemy can be very useful, as history has tought us time and again.


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