Ernalda and the LBQ

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YGWV. In my constant quest for details and information in Glorantha, I've been doing some work on discovering Nochet, the great city of Esrolia.

In this work I have come across the closest thing I've found yet that has to do with Ernalda and the Lifebringer's Quest. Recalling some recent query about this, I here present you a little bit more that I've learned about Our Great Goddess.
Note that these are all particularly Esrolian perspectives. It is from a section describing some of the holy places in Esrolia,

    Megapolis Necropolis.

In the days when people first stated to die it was not a horrible thing, but a mystery. The kin of the relatives did what they had been told and sent the corpses on their way. One method was to put the bodies into a boat and launch it to sea or upon the river. This was called the Owderian Way, because Owder instructed people on it.

The Owderian boats floated over the waters bearing their silent treasure, always going to the House of Owder. There the bodies were treated with unguents and oils and laid into glorious mausoleums where the dead would be worshipped and honored.

Those were the day when the rivers still flowed uphill. Thousands of dead from all over the world came to Owderia. The area was covered with mausoleums and the houses of the keepers of the dead

This stopped when the rivers reversed their flow.[1] <#_ftn1> It was horrible, because all the goddesses were going away. Esrola slept. Ernalda was murdered by Her Enemy. Asrelia was kidnapped. Even Imarja laid only one egg at a time. The sky fell in, and there was do separation between any of the worlds anymore. Gods, essences, the dead, spirits, sky creatures---all were mixed.

This necropolis is also the Dead point. Ernalda had woven a tapestry that was a map, but Nontraya rotted it, making many parts held together only by threads. Nonetheless, her ghost-self[2] <#_ftn2> was enough to hold together a band of heroes. They followed the map and brought its fragments to Ernalda at the Dead Point. That is where the gathered dead awaited the end of the world. But Ernalda, with the fragments, made a new Net that we call the Great Compromise. She placed Ty Kora Tek in charge of keeping the dead in place, and Esrola in charge of keeping the living in their place. She sent King Harono back to the sky world, and set guardians of the four quarters.

Thus did the ghost of Ernalda, the Great Weaver, lead the Lifebringers onward and, in the end, saved the universe by being the mother of time.

[1] <#_ftnref1> After the Spike was destroyed, i.e. The start of the
Great Darkness.

[2] <#_ftnref2> Her Ghost-self. One of her souls, generally held to be
the shadow/darkness self. By this story she had to recover her earth-self, of which she was primarily made.

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