Seven storms, fighting storms, seven wind (Orlanthi theology)

From: Boris Yarko <babeldemeter3_at_o7EmSAfQKYrvJ_YivusoNy0NhZBBrq2y0zzwDR8CCnFB4kkRrU2DNezYmkvHEG>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 13:51:07 -0000

My dear fellow gloranthian geeks,

I've got a simple question for your omniscience : can you tell me who / what are :

  1. the "Four Fighting Storms",
  2. the "Seven Storms"
  3. and the "Seven Winds",

which are mentioned in Thunder Rebels p. 241 ?

And I thank in advance the pure souls that will take time to answer my questions.


NB : excuse my poor french-corrupted english !            

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