Re: Seven storms, fighting storms, seven wind (Orlanthi theology)

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_Z6WuEY9m9J_AuIUzFWGpTpTfM1DIbwrB6Rt5ENkhtORiHYxKCpn3M8qzR0obrfKDdKiv>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 07:21:42 -0000

> Never forget the lesson of Lokamaydon*.
> * (although we don't have Tarumath anymore do we?).

Nope Tarumath disappeared with Loko Moko (turn to side and spit). But there is always Vingkot the Divine King. Or Great Alakoring who resides in Orlanth's Hall and accepts sacrifices. Or Sartar to whom my father used to offer a black ram once a year to his fire at Boldhome.


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