Re: Seven storms, fighting storms, seven wind (Orlanthi theology)

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Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 02:12:04 GMT

In message <> "Boris Yarko" writes:
>My dear fellow gloranthian geeks,
>I've got a simple question for your omniscience : can you tell me who
>/ what are :
>a) the "Four Fighting Storms",
>b) the "Seven Storms"
>c) and the "Seven Winds",
>which are mentioned in Thunder Rebels p. 241 ?

I'm not sure there is a definite answer - I suspect it depends on who in Glorantha you ask. On page 169 of TR two alternatives are listed : The commonest one is Finovan, Helamakt, Hedkoranth and Enferalda. While the Lightbringer's Varient is Humakt, Elmal, Ohorlanth, and Heler.

The index of TR mentions page 127 for the Seven Storms but the only one mentioned there is Urox. Given the context I suggest the five seasonal storms Ohorlanth, Elmal & Heler, Brastalos & Vinga, Valind and Orlanth are others. That leaves one which could be any of Gargarth, Kolat, or Urain. Alternatively you could count Elmal and Heler separately while ignoring Brastalos completely.

I don't know of anything which says what the Seven Winds are. They appear to be a secret of the Orlanthi godtalkers so make them whatever suits your game.

Sorry there isn't a simple answer but this is myth rather than science. What one clan says is true because it works for them isn't always what the clan over the hill says. They could even both be right.

Donald Oddy


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