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Boris Yarko wrote:
> I've got a simple question for your omniscience : can you tell me who
> / what are :
> a) the "Four Fighting Storms",
> b) the "Seven Storms"
> c) and the "Seven Winds",
> which are mentioned in Thunder Rebels p. 241 ?

Gedday Boris

Your English is much better than my French. :)

Chris Lemons and I have explored this topic in some detail on the WhiteWallWiki:

KOS has some relevant mythic background. Searching the Gloranthan Digest archives can often be helpful as well.

As you noted, Thunder Rebels, p 241 is our prime source. 'Everyone knows' the Four Fighting Storms, Seven Storms, Seven Winds, though different mythologies may well name different entities to fill the numbers.

The Four Fighting Storms are Orlanth's thanes who fight with him. They can be defeated.

The Seven Storms form the air around us. Six have been defeated, the last is trapped within the walls of Whitewall.

"But the Lunars know only what they can know."

Primal Air has secrets the Lunars cannot fathom. When the last of the Seven Storms fail the Seven Winds will come to fill the void.

There is a rich stream of ideas embedded in these seeming simple words. They could be gods. They could be secrets. They could be people. :)

A summary of the wiki:

Who Are The Seven Fighting Storms?

Our challenge is to find and agree on a definitive list of the Seven Storms. The only other mention of them in TR is on 27 (not 227 as the index states). Its about Orlanth's camp, and names his six guardians set about the law Rock of Kero Finn.

    Ohorlanth: Northwest

    Valind: Northeast

    Urox: Southeast

    Heler: Southwest

    Odayla Starbear: Above

    Humakt: Below

Are there other, alternate listing of the Seven Storms?

<Chris> Note again John's quote of TR 241 and the explanation on TR 128 that Storms and Winds are frequently confused (implying that they are different things).

I think that Orlanth has seven storms: Daylanus, Hedkoranth, Helamakt, Ohorlanth, Vingkot, and Yavor all take the Storm affinity from Orlanth's Thunderous aspect, plus Vinga, whose Defender Storm subcult is the only ST subsult that has the Storm affinity other than Valind (see below). These are all "parts" or "children" of Orlanth. All of them are fighters.

There are also seven primal winds -- Orlanth, Valind (as heir to Vadrus), Urox, Humakt, Brastalos, and Kolat are six of them. None of these are parts or children of Orlanth. All are siblings. Orlanth's missing sibling is Ragnaglar, who won't be showing up (on Orlanth's side anyway), though he could be the evil wind or the dead wind or something. So, I think that Broyan figures out how to fill the gap.

I can come up with all sorts of theories: Yinkin is his other brother; Heler is an adopted brother; Ernalda is "another way wind" (TR 122); Doburdan ("dead air") or his Thunder Addi is Ragnaglar; Eurmal is the bound wind; etc. Broyan might not need to decide -- he could just call the "other wind". I once tended towards Ernalda being the 7th wind. Now, I think it is Doburdan, who is the ghost of Ragnaglar -- the dead wind that the empire of chaos brought back.

In terms of the cardinal directions, I'd put Orlanth above, Brastalos in the middle, Valind in the North, Urox in the East, Humakt in the West (where Arkat come from), and Kolat in the South (where the Hendreik wilderness used to be). I'd put the other one below (in the underworld, so Doburdan could be Ragnaglar's ghost, though the Heortlings might not know who Doburdan is yet).

In any case, the myth at TR 27 describing the storms that Orlanth put at six directions never resonated for me. My reasons are: (1) it mixes brothers, children, and foreigners and (2) since Orlanth is Ohorlanth, his whole is in one place while a part of him is elsewhere. However, I think it is just confusion over names, which TR 128 notes; the names in TR 27 are not important. I still like the identification of the officers and the corresondence to Kallyr's companions on KoS 135. </Chris>

See also the BatBlat page

YGWV Hail Helemakt!


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