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YGWV Keith Nellist wrote:
> I would have gone for the six Orlanthi Virtues as the parts to
> collect, with perhaps a seventh/hidden/secret/inner/draconic part.
> It's probably not too hard to equate His Breath with honor, words
> with Justice, etc.

Here is an article that I am working on the for the Big book of Ernalda and Orlanth.This article is not finished because i am undecided on what is beleived, what works--ie, what is actual.

Nonetheless, I share it here in its raw and unfinished form in the hopes that it may provoke discussion that will provide me with the insight that I want. So in advance I ask the people to speculate, reason and intuit on this; and share that! And also, to those whose ideas might be rejected, please forgive that.

--Greg Stafford

Thus people have five souls, one for each element; eight Temperaments, one for each Power; and Seven Attributes.

      The Five Souls

These are the physical person, the discernable person

g Shadow, Darkness

i Blood, Water

h Body, Flesh & bones & organs, earth

j Heat, fire

f Breath, Air

      The Eight Temperaments

These all have a location in the Discernable Person, in certain organs and muscles. Note that they come in opposed pairs.



Love; desire, sex

Conflict; death, violence






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