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YGWV fairbruk wrote:
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> <>, Greg Stafford <Greg_at_...>
> wrote:
> > OK, I said this wasn't deep, and YGWV, but adding "cause of" to these
> > really diminishes their meaning, for me. Why? well, because in fact,
> > living beings always have something dead about them, and dead ones some
> > taint of life.
> My reasoning was that it seemed you planned to assign these aspects to
> fixed body parts,

Interesting, although your assumption was wrong. I have, and had, no such intent.
> and to have one body part always dead in everyone
> seemed wrong.

You seem to be making an essential error in symbolism here. For instance, the right had of a warrior could be a death organ, and hold he power of death, but not be dead itself.
> It would perhaps be especially wrong in, say, Ernalda.

I guess so. but Ernlanda is Goddess of Life and Death, but doesn't have one organ dead.
> That said, the thought that an Orlanthi all of people have something
> dead in them, varying by person, seems fair. There again it's going to
> be rather often an emotional or intellectual aspect that's dead.

It is not about being dead, /per se/. It is about having the Death power.
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