Re: The Disintegration of Orlanth

From: fairbruk <kevin_at_oDq_hyZZTV5nXAackcBkEN4tg6DZqIfaZ2zobTg6Lo3X9vlNXHq7gI60sRtMXKm_O3iYf7>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 08:14:46 -0000

My reasoning was that it seemed you planned to assign these aspects to fixed body parts, and to have one body part always dead in everyone seemed wrong. It would perhaps be especially wrong in, say, Ernalda.

That said, the thought that an Orlanthi all of people have something dead in them, varying by person, seems fair. There again it's going to be rather often an emotional or intellectual aspect that's dead.


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