The Disintegration of Orlanth

From: Boris Yarko <babeldemeter3_at_zkxOJ1gC3ZnyabYsIEVSB5pu3cQ5qaP__uSVFOGTxvwcZTpHGWAby0jacP7K5u>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 22:34:04 -0000

Dear Gray Sages,

In my attempt to build a sartarite campaign on the architecture of "Orlanth is Dead", my ramblings lead to this esoteric question :

If Orlanth suffered some kind of disintegration (like Murharzarm in Glorious Reascent of Yelm), into which parts would he be splited ?

Here is the result of my ramblings, but I'll gratefuly accept any idea, hint, unstaffordian theory, etc.

Yes, you have penetrated my thoughts, my players will have to piece Orlanth together to bring him back.

THE SEVEN PARTS OF ORLANTH : (these are pure speculations, My Glorantha Is Varying)

  1. HIS BREATH (the source of his magic)
    --> His sacred breath was trapped by lunar magic, keeping all his
    worshippers from using his magic. Some of his devotees and disciples died suffocating, their breath taken from them.
  2. HIS WORDS (the source of orlanthi laws and customs)
    --> His words still live inside the heortling people, insofar as they
    keep their ancient customs.
  3. HIS SHOUT (his heroism)
    --> Each time Orlanth is defeated, his shout incarnate in his
    saviour(s): _ Heort who enables Orlanth to succeed his Lightbringer Quest in performing "I Fought We Won" ; _ Vargast Redhand killed the Evil Wind Loko Moko enabling Harmast Barefoot to bring Orlanth back to life ; _ Alakoring Dragonbreaker release Orlanth from the deadly magic of the Inner Dragon. Each of them was the incarnation of Orlanth's Holy Shout. [speculations based on OiD, p. 44]

Any ideas for the four other parts ? His corpse ? His freedom ? His joy ?


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