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Thanks for the help, Greg, it gives me more insight of how Glorantha is built.
> > THE SEVEN PARTS OF ORLANTH : (these are pure speculations, My
> > Glorantha Is Varying)
> >
> Since YGIV on this, perhaps I need not reply here.
> However, I want to note that this is very lunar of you!
> The Lunar Soul has 7 parts, but the Orlanthi one has only 5.
> NOW, this fact applies to the humans--they have "5 souls," each of 
> which  is associated with one of the elements.

Ok, so I'll try to find out the 5 parts of Orlanth's soul. :)

But, as I'm in fact some kind of hyena eager of each piece of knowledge that I can tear from all of you, can you tell me :

  1. Do the solars and the lunars share the same 5 elemental souls with the orlanthis plus one for the solar and two for the lunars ?
  2. Which are these supernumerary solar and lunar souls ?

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The results of my new ramblings :


    _ Air soul
    _ His essence, as his breath is the source of his magic. Orlanth's
    breath fills the world with his power, spreading life, freedom and change.
    _ It represents also his life force.
    _ Associated virtue : Piety

--> By stealing his breath from Him, the lunar sorcerers have killed Orlanth.
--> His sacred breath was trapped by lunar magic, keeping all his worshippers from using his magic. Some of his devotees and disciples died suffocating, their breath taken from them.

_ Fire Soul
_ His ability of abstraction, his mind.
_ The words of Orlanth are the source of orlanthi laws et customs,
the foundations of the heortian society. A good balance between the stricture and the hierarchy of yelmic society (overwhelming fire soul) and anarchy (a fire soul reduced to embers).
_ Associated virtue : Justice

--> His words still live inside the heortling people, insofar as they keep their ancient customs.

_ Water soul
_ His will, his hero´sm.
_ It also represents his blood, the hero´c lineage of Heort, Vingkot,
_ His seed ?
_ Associated virtue : Courage

--> Each time Orlanth is defeated, his shout incarnate in his saviour(s):
_ Heort who enables Orlanth to succeed his Lightbringer Quest in
performing "I Fought We Won" ;
_ Vargast Redhand killed the Evil Wind Loko Moko enabling Harmast
Barefoot to bring Orlanth back to life ;
_ Alakoring Dragonbreaker release Orlanth from the deadly magic of
the Inner Dragon.
Each of them was the incarnation of Orlanth's Holy Shout. [speculations based on OiD, p. 44]
--> Maybe Orlanth's blood can create a new river : the River of Sorrows ?

_ Earth soul
_ It represents Orlanth's love, kindness, generosity...
_ Also his link with Ernalda.
_ Associated virtue : Generosity

_ Darkness soul
_ Orlanth's cunning.
_ Also his sins, past, errors...
_ Associated virtue : Wisdom

All his 5 souls are governed, bound and sublimated by his main virtue: Orlanth's Honor.


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