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>I'm quite curious about what trends there are in the sources of magic
>that players choose (I was going to say "gods" but that doesn't really
>work for everyone!).

In my current game:

Elmal (though his faith was lost on a heroquest and he's not using magic) the spirits (we haven't really worked up tradition for the shaman) Urtelos (a bear/hunter deity -- NOT the same as Odayla or Arakang) JagaNatha (NOT the Lunar form as this is the Imperial Age) Orlanth the Warrior (I forget the specific subcult) Darkka (a bear/gatherer deity, local to Anadikki) Drogarsi

and most of the characters have an odd spirit-fighting charm or too.

Lest this seem too unusual, we do know that the next generation of characters will include a Humakti, as the child was cut from its mother and thrown into Humakt's sacred crevice Serkarkos.


David Dunham
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