Popular sources of magic [was: Re: Lodril in Caladraland]

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On 03/03/2008, valkoharja <rintasaa_at_0tG8RhkdlHegGNjeSF_yeoYZHpKjsCnn8b_HcJDyJQzQzqeWSIlpJ4ZIVOKyvqMYQ90_jwhxfoLa3yJ8.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> You guys have odd players.

I find this an interesting topic in and of itself so I thought I'd split it off from the Lodril discussion.

I'm quite curious about what trends there are in the sources of magic that players choose (I was going to say "gods" but that doesn't really work for everyone!).

In the game that I am (still!) assembling we don't have the (apparently) typical two Humakti, a Vingan, a duck, and a baboon. As it is a Lunar Provinces game we obviously have a few Lunars (a sneaky dream magician and a horribly callous wannabe-psychohistorian; Merasedenya and Kana Poor respectively), but we also have a Solar cossack strong-man (Kastokus), a disgruntled Tarshite noble who doesn't feel he is getting his due from this Lunar pyramid-scheme (7M common magic), and a bitter old woman

Aside from the horseman we don't have a lot of typical adventuring magic at all.

What about your games (past, present, and future)?


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