Re: Lunar afterworld/afterlife after the Moonburst

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Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 14:38:56 -0500


> If an Orlanthi person has an essence instead of a soul his spiritual
> life is going to be a bit of a non-starter or are there wizardly cults
> for the Orlanthi now? (hope so btw)

In general, it seems that the Orlanthi as a whole are rather anti-Sorcery. Though they have places in their pantheon for spirit beings such as Kolat and the Earth Witch, sorcerous entities are generally viewed as enemies. Their may be a place for an Orlanthi born with an Essence in the cult of Lhankhor Mhy (there are bits in Storm Tribe about his Essence Plane connections), or they may find themselves drifting to the Aeolian Church.

-S. Santo Sengupta
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