Re: Lunar afterworld/afterlife after the Moonburst

From: David Weihe <blerg2_at_AmCYqcEKoE6s4bVsSBO4duvBRBH97zOJ5jIPWnQaXiqDjxJLZxhXNjN2PubejJ4FUdycV>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 11:43:55 -0800 (PST)

> > I think this is wrong. Some Orlanthi will have five-parted
> > spirits on birth (and will be destined to be initiated into
> > Kolat or Sederosa) while few will have essences.
> If an Orlanthi person has an essence instead of a soul his
> spiritual life is going to be a bit of a non-starter or are
> there wizardly cults for the Orlanthi now? (hope so btw)

Unless they go through the higher initiations [which HQ game calls Concentration], individuals have souls, spirits, and essences. Lower initiations, such as to a god or to a great spirit, will strengthen the appropriate Otherworldly facet, but not to the extent that its others are gone, entirely.

Some Orlanthi have spirits so strong that they cannot initiate to any of the normal gods, but only to a spirit tradition (i.e., Kolat [or subspirits usually considered part of Kolat, at least by the Third Age]) or else they are liable to be taken by Eurmal.

There are tales of Orlanthi in the Far West with as strong essential natures as some Heortlings have for Kolat, but these are hardly Heortlings. Likewise, Aeolians must logically have at least that strong an essential nature, but again, they are not Heortlings, nor are they of the same people as Ralian Orlanthi, nor as Talastari.

Even though such strange children as I described are not common among us, they do occasionally appear, so while you should not expect them, do not forget the possibility, either.

There are also at least one LM subcult devoted to preserving knowledge of sorcery, which inevitably leads to being split between Theism and Essentialism, in addition to the obvious possibility of Aeolianism for the Orlanthi with too much of an essential nature. I do not know of s Storm Essentialism that does not mix enough Theism in to get the dreaded "mixed worship" term applied to it. Worlath, as planned by the God Learners rather than as implemented, might work. Otherwise, report back on what you come up with as Narrator :-)

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