Re: Lunar afterworld/afterlife after the Moonburst

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at__XCEw4GgryqYa_ZOO7zGsX3_ci5YNoK1oeyvDBAX4jlva7bo6bbHyqgPZIQEA_wSgzIO>
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 20:22:18 -0000

> In general, it seems that the Orlanthi as a whole are rather
> anti-Sorcery. Though they have places in their pantheon for spirit
> beings such as Kolat and the Earth Witch, sorcerous entities are
> generally viewed as enemies. Their may be a place for an Orlanthi
> born with an Essence in the cult of Lhankhor Mhy (there are bits in
> Storm Tribe about his Essence Plane connections), or they may find
> themselves drifting to the Aeolian Church.

Based on discussion Greg and I had writing the Esrolia book, I disagree with Santo here. The Orlanthi recognize plenty of "personified abstractions" - i.e., essences - although they greatly dislike Malkionism (Malkion is a BAD GUY in the Orlanthi pantheon and is often interchangeable with Zzabur). Frex, the Esrolians have the Cult of the Four Virtues - veneration of abstract virtues. I'm pretty sure the Heortlings also recognize and venerate a few personified abstractions, although such cults are probably pretty small and unimportant. I know the Talastarings have several essence cults - that have nothing to do with Malkionism, Carmanianism or the Church of Cerise.

A distinction is often made between a "philosopher" and a "sorcerer", even though both deal with essences. Then again, no normal Heortling is likely to become a philosopher, and the few that exist are probably considered a bit odd or suspicious. Just not as bad as Meldek.


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