Re: David Dunham: where is your next KoDP game?

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_2YQF-QDwZxEh4_Ax-9-BkixycXarrvK-_BzO-XCbAnaVoCQhwszbUCE1kZBVTFv>
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 08:32:15 +1100

I really enjoyed KoDP, which is what inspired me to try a similar premise for a PBEM game. The premise being a single leader, aided by other elite individuals, leading a group through various trials that the world threw at them. The end game being the clan leader becoming King of Dragon Pass.

I chose Balazar Clans, which had a similar (although less democratic) structure of Chief, Elders, and People. The end game being becoing a Citadel King and either being a conservative old chief, or leading your warriors to bloody glory raiding the lowlands.

I had considered other themes and can picture in my :

Bat Priests - the 'clan' is the Cult of the Crimson Bat, moving around eating people, but trying to do it in a way that doesn't upset the Red Emperor too much, or go out of control. Having to fight off crazy suicide Storm Bulls, feed the ticks, but mostly keep the bat fed (or on the right side of the moon). Not sure of an endgame, possibly the war in Dragon Pass.

Lightbringers - set in the 1st age - the leaders are Lightbringer Missionaries, while the people would be the benighted folk they are bringing the rites of Orlanth and Ernalda to. Not sure of an endgame - establishing an honest to Orlanth tribe would be reasonable. Lots of opportunities for unusual encounters who have just encountered Time.

Troll family - the leaders would be Mothers trying to keep themselves fed, remove the trollkin curse, keep their men under control. Not sure of an endgame for Uz, although the Castle of Lead and Kyger Litor might come into it.

Khans of Prax - Respected Elders, Khans, Shaman and assistants, would make up the leaders with people and the herd being important. This would be clan level rather than tribe/nation level. Would involve seraching for fodder, raiding and being raided, perhaps plundering outlanders. Endgame would perhaps be invading Pavis, driving out the Pure Horse People, or becoming the dominant nation in Prax. Might be especially fun/obscurly Gloranthan as a Morocanth tribe.

Scorpion Hive - 'leaders' would be the reborn People (ie those eaten and reborn), the people would be the less intelligent scorpion born. Objective would be to capture prisoners so that they can be eaten and reborn as Scorpion Men. Endgame would be to control the Queendom of Jab, and swarm across the holy country (or whereever).

SlaveLords of Fonrit - leaders would be the Owner and his advisory slaves. Ultimate end game would be to become the Jann of Afadjann.

Emperors of Dara Happa - This would be the era where the Dara Happan ground men are rebelling against their Horse riding overlords (ie the First Age). Ultimate endgame would be to become Emperor. (Fortunate Succession)

17 Foes of Waha - this would be the story of some Pavis Survivors within Paragua's walls surviving nomad attacks and resorting to desperate measures to survive. Eventually, one of those desperate measures (calling for trolls to help) leads to the battle of Balastor's Barracks. Endgame would always be bad.

Founding of Pavis - the leaders would be Pavis and his daughters, Joraz, Flintnail etc. trying to establish a city on the ruins of Robcradle within the walls of Paragua. The people would be Pure Horse, Heortling exiles, Jrustelan merchants, a few Zistoristes and others from across the Lozenge.


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