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> >Lankst is Alakoring's homeland.
>Yes! And I'm hoping he'll play an important role in the life of the
>campaign. I've got him practicing his lines now...

Unfortunately, he's not mentioned in the PDF. According to other works, he's active (and in Ralios) at this time.

>There are so many factions in the area--Mostali, Aldryami, Uz,
>Dragonewts, other Orlanthi, Telmori, chaos, etc.--that I'm thinking it
>could make for a good diplomatic wargame, too, in the mode of Dragon
>Pass--EWF vs. God Learners, everyone vying for control of the various
>Orlanthi clans, perhaps even a leftover Stygian horror or two thrown
>into the mix.

Yup. I like what Robin did with the factions. If you want to salvage Gloranthan continuity, I would simply set things about 30 years earlier (I believe Alakoring first came to fame in 880). I don't recall any hard dates in the PDF, or significant changes in the big factions.

In my game, Alakoring has just crossed the Rockwoods. Here's some information on some of the 100 Ralians that came with him:

Alakoring's hero band: Dragon Hunters

	+ Alakoring of Kocholing clan
	+ Kentakos Horse-Hater, of Lysandorling clan
		- His father Narlolf fought alongside Alakoring, but 
has now retired
	+ Berrien, a Galanini fostered by Kentakos Horse-Hater's 
father Narlolf. Now a Humakti
	+ Six sons of Dori Enalos, chief of the Arnisi clan. Each has 
a different father and different hair color.
		- Aban, Baodan, Darstal, Emon, Findinyar, Ganen
	+ members of the Treyling clan provide most of the Bemurok 
worshippers - most want thralls
	+ Vilcheng Nest Breaker, who can ride a javelin
	+ Vingan women, led by Una Wyrm Scourge

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