Lanksti Orlanthi

From: odysseus925 <jmcclesk_at_6R_IwtG64luTZqSfCu77vFKFEN0PTdBM9eOTQaRmVO99BLuqHMO6anUwyoilgAsQZVF>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 19:55:46 -0000

Where did the Lanksti Orlanthi come from? Sources seem to vary on this. Are they Vingkotlings? Did they come from Talastar? Or perhaps they migrated northward from Slontos?

I'm starting a 2nd age campaign in Lankst, and I'd like to have as much published background on the area as possible before I begin to tweak the variable settings on my Glorantha.            

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