Re: Lanksti Orlanthi

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_T3wAj_hAMA6TpMWmEH4J9VAryl4QvGRNRlNV291P3I7qNYBZrECIkzghE0-oQ-8MsbCm>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 15:20:18 -0000

> Oddly, Mongoose's Blood of Orlanth indicates that Alakoring is going
> to be descended from one of the main characters in that story. (Of
> course, only if the characters succeed in the heroquest at the end,
> which means that if they don't succeed . . .).

The status of Alakoring in Mongoose products will finally be officially addressed and corrected in "Dara Happa Stirs". Assuming your game is set circa 900, Alakoring is already a major hero of the Orlanthi of Ralios.

Contrary to what is written in RQ:Second Age, much Ralios successfully rebels against the EWF in 890 and Alakoring (already a famous dragon fighter) rides that rebellion to great success.

Check out Dara Happa Stirs when it comes out!


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