Re: Lodril in Caladraland

From: Dan Guillou <dguillou_at_LbpVmriz0fjTX-stBxDU3HEp33MxyauQjz5kaLmDlm_Pv4lml962K3LFzIuEumJt5aK>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 22:27:45 +0100

My impression is that Argan Argar released Lodril. "Hey, demon thingy; youse free. Go."
He did nick Lodrils spear (or incorporated it, or ripped it off, or whatever, which is why spear is a holy weapon to worshippers of AA, especially around Shadow Plateau).
Then he forced Lodril to make a thing of perfect beauty (a really _really_ nice house) to impress the Earth goddess, whom he was courting at the time. Then they got married and had a baby (the Only Old One). I don't think anyone ever said exactly why AA let the nasty burny thing off the hook, just like that. Might be because the Earth had a soft spot for it. Might be because it was an evil burn thingy, and hey... "what is I gonna do wid' it anyway -sit on it forever? Yuerr!". Or it might be because a large part of Argan Argar is about benign interactions.

Another thing: this isn't necessarily an uz story, but until now uz has had pretty much monopoly on the telling of it. I would _love_ to see the Esrolian grannies' version.


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