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Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 13:01:40 GMT

In message <> Alison Place writes:

> Bert's still got the present crimes on his
>ledger, but those might be fixable. There wouldn't be
>much that Gunther's kin could say, if it was known
>that he was complicit in the frame. That would leave
>the kin of anyone else killed at the stead to ask for
>weregild. If Bert didn't actually kill them, then
>that's sort of taken care of by all the others being
>dead. Don't know what a lawspeaker would say to the
>whole mess, but somehow I think that this wrap-up
>would be way too tidy!
> Anyone else have any good ideas on the original

The lawspeaker would say this was kinstrife and the best thing to do is outlaw everyone involved to avert chaos. The clan is more important than individuals and if a Babeester Gori is going to kill those involved it saves the clan the trouble. Babeester Gori are, like Humakti, severed from their kin so it doesn't change her status.

I'd probably go for something simpler - as youngsters Bert and Hilda have a sexual relationship. Not illegal by Heortling customs but probably frowned on. It comes to the notice of their parents who make a big fuss over it. Bert storms out saying "No one can make you do anything" leaving Hilda to make excuses and she comes up with the idea of claiming Bert raped her. She's believed and Bert is outlawed.

Bert's change from someone wrongly accused of rape to an actual rapist seems a bit sudden and only weakly explained. I think I'd go for him being possessed by a spirit. Maybe a simple spirit of lust or alternatively the spirit of a broo shaman. Killing Bert then doesn't solve the real problem as the spirit is then free to find some other home.

Donald Oddy


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