Re: Gnosticism in Glorantha

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_lYJBjucwHLJJgk90Tf6U4PIG-1PmLnKGJjZJ99vhwy1VqmEG6qL-cghIdc7hEByBc4gS>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 07:51:28 -0000

> > Hello, I was just wondering if there had ever been any mention of
> > Gnosticism or something akin to it in Glorantha. My wife wants to go
> > that route with her character, and I wanted to know if there was
> > anything to check-out, or if I'd have to wing it.
> Depends how 'akin' you want it to be. In some respects, mainstream
> Malkionism is closer to gnosticism than it is to mainstream
> Christianity. Then the Carmanians have that whole dualistic thing
> going, including a demiurge absent from most forms of Malkionism. The
> most gnostic sect I can think of off-hand are the Perfecti of Third
> Age Loskalm, but little canonical has been published about them yet.
> (They'll probably be in HoM3, when I get around to it, but that's
> years off).

Check out Middle Sea Empire - Greg and I intended that the Irensavalists of Fronela be very similar to gnosticism. They explicitly consider Makan to be the demiurge. As the ancestor of both the Carmanian Church and the New Hrestolism of Loskalm, I think you will find plenty of quasi-gnostic sects in the north.

However, Trotsky is absolutely right: the Malkioni are closer to gnosticism (or Neo-Platonism or Islam or Talmudic Judaism) than they are to mainstream Christianity.

When I get to my books I can look at more of my MSE notes. Greg and I had lots of discussions on this theme.


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