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i have "Jonat´s Saga" in front of me. The title page has three diagrams of which one is the Seshneg gods (the other two are Rathori gods, and map of the west).
BEWARE the document was written by Greg in 1967, and it takes place around 1000 ST, but... :

Setum - sky god, god of dead
Alhin - sun god
Erta - moon goddess, godddess of death (white moon - PLANET?) Humak - god of storm, war god, god of kings, founder of race Flam - god of vegetation
Seshna - earth goddess
Sramt - sea god, co-founder of race

there is also mentioned Tol, the red moon (PLANET?) among the Rathori

So in MY Glorantha the white planet (Heortling Lightfore?) is Erta, the red planet (Heortling Tolat) is Tol, the sun (Heortling Elmal) is Alhin (or Elhim), sorry, no names for polestar, zenith, or the red moon.

P.S.: I once (loooong ago) played a short campaign in first age Seshneg, so i know the problems with western names for heortling or other central genertelan things.



> At 05:01 p.m. 24/03/2008, you wrote:
> >I need to know the Malkioni names for the three fixed positions in the
> >Sky Dome - Pole Star, Red Moon, and Zenith. I can fake other stars and
> >constellations as necessary, but given that three fixed points are
> >going to be an *amazing* boon to any navigator I wanted to hew as
> >close to the platonic Glorantha as possible.
> Zenith is zenith (or vertex or whatever). It's a Dwarven forward
> observation post used to fire the ropes to haul the Sun back on
> its path after the Sunstop. I don't think it's fixed - rather it's
> a hot air balloon that drifts back and forth due to the vagarities
> of the currents of the Higher Air. Your navigators could believe
> it to be fixed only to have it drift on them at the worst possible
> moment.
> The Malkioni don't have much mythology on the Red Moon.
> They are likely to call it such names as the Red Sun of
> Evil or the Bloody Orb of Chaos. It's false, unnatural and
> should not be there at all. Using it for navigation is likely
> to be considered foolish as its height changes visibly while
> the distance to it cannot be ascertained with rational
> certainty. Who's to say that the direction doesn't vary
> widely?
> The Malkioni name of Pole Star is getting into unknown
> territory. The Jonstown Compendium has said that
> Malkion and other heroes have their own star while
> Arkat has a constellation. A later Greg sez has said
> that the sky world has been taken over by theistic
> entities which strikes me as most unsatisfactory in
> conceding the sky world to alien mythologies.
> In my opinion, the Malkioni might consider the stars
> to be a map of the spell nodes, a manifest sign of
> the Invisible God writ large across the heavens. The
> Stars would be grouped according to Runes (love,
> war etc). In the centre then would be the Law Rune
> which encompasses the Pole Star, Dayzatar's Eye
> and Ourania. For nomenclature, I would follow
> modern astronomy to give it a "western" feel (although
> there probably are other Malkioni classifications).
> Dayzatar's Eye being the brightest would then become
> Legis Primus, or Alpha Legis. The Pole Star because
> it does not move would be Legis Constantus rather
> than Gamma Legis or Legis Tertius.
> --Peter Metcalfe

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