Questions about Heroes of Malkion

From: frank_rafaelsen <frank_rafaelsen_at_TIfhevTcw02qGhSx9t1VyCnx4nUgxQDtSPzbuwFX-Lmin9HbcGp2ivpts5Zf>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 09:54:42 -0000

Hi folks. I tried to search for the answers, but came up short.

My current campaign is winding down, and I've started to look at HeroQuest and Glorantha again. I've been refreshing my lozenge lore to decide where I might want to start a campaign. So while it would be swell to revisit Sun County and Pavis, or take another shot at my old Lismelder campaign, or be crazy and play in Rindliddi or Darjiin - my heart seems to be firmly placed in the west.

Only problem, I don't feel that the info in HQ is sufficient to run a proper Malkioni campaign. The rules are great and the info in Men of the Sea is tantalizing, but not enough. I need more info about churches, wizard schools and saintly orders.

So are there any ETA on Heros of Malkion? Are we talking months or years here? How large is it going to be (the equivalent of the Imperial Lunar Handbook or Under the Red Moon?). What is the scope of the book? (Again, more like Imperial Lunar Handbook or Under the Red Moon?)            

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