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> I don't think that he has really been talked about--certainly a search
> of this group shows up nothing, likewise a search of the Issaries site.

I've gotten in the habit of doing a search for info about Glorantha before asking... and as you indicated I found squat about Vorlan. :)

Then I can see why he really does not enter into Orlanthi myth in any
> substantial way. He was a storm 'out there' in the wilderness
> somewhere, not helping Orlanth, but not particularly fighting him, and
> actually not much interacting with him at all. However it is possible
> that in the early explorations after coming down off the Spike,
> Orlanth went the direction he did in part to avoid Vorlon?

Thats an interesting idea I hadn't thought of before. As far as interactions between Orlanth & Vorlan, one of the more dramatic possible interactions could (in some Vorlani myths) have occurred during the Lightbringer's Quest, since Orlanth and his companions would have likely needed to travel through Vorlan's territory. In such a myth, Vorlan would have continued to not join Orlanth, but allow him passage further west.

> I admit I sometimes wonder if Vorlon is somehow associated with
> Vadrus, but aside from the initial V I'm not sure that there is any
> reason to think that. Certainly Vadrus is not recorded as having
> chummed around with a brother, at least that I've seen. But with the
> V showing up in Vadrus, Valind, Vorlan, and Vinga, I can't help but
> think that the initial 'V' somehow indicates outsider status, someone
> who does not follow the rules (Vinga eventually managed to change the
> rules, and become an insider of sorts, of course).

The thing that got me thinking aboud Vadrus & Valind was both the "V" and Vorlan's access to cold spirits. I find it interesting that he uses cold to defend his people during the Darkness while at the same time helping to hold back true winter winds. I might be making that last bit up. In either case, Vorlan has an interesting description because on the one hand he's depicted as very anti-social (i.e. he prefers winds over Beast or Man), but at the same time ends up helping save humanity on occasion from floods, trolls, & elves.

The lack of information about Vorlan per se is also makes me curious about the history of Wenelia / Maniria before the Second Age, as it would appear you would have Dawn Age Vorlani before Orlanthi missionaries got there. Helerings were across the coastline, and Vorlani I guess farther inland along the mountains?

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