How Yelmalio got his wife

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Here's a written version of that same tale I heard from a Locaeming godtalker when I was in Wilmskirk more than a decade ago:

In the Green Age, the Emperor demanded that Ernalda join him at the Palace of Gold: "It is my wish, and as I have been made Emperor, my wishes must be obeyed." Ernalda did not agree with the Emperor, but she went at the request of her kin. "I am the peacemaker, and this is how peace can be made."

However, once Ernalda arrived, the Emperor feared her and would have little to do with her. He treated Ernalda - Queen of the Universe - as a slave, and banished her to far corner of the Palace. The Emperor insisted on obedience, and had little interest in fair peace. When Ernalda encouraged Orlanth to cast down the Emperor. When Orlanth killed the Emperor, Ernalda left with Orlanth and became his wife.

Although Orlanth and Ernalda had many lovers, the two Great Gods were always connected most deeply with each other. The sons of the Emperor never acknowledged that Ernalda left the Emperor voluntarily and swore to take her back, in chains and shackles if necessary. Orlanth killed many of the Emperor's heirs and sons, but when Orlanth and his Thunder Brothers wer away, Yelmalio assembled an army and marched on the Storm Village. He told the gods and goddesses that he would destroy them all, unless they gave him Ernalda: "It is my wish, and as I am the Son of the Emperor, my wishes must be obeyed."

Once again, Ernalda's kinsmen insisted that she accompany him to the Hill of Gold. Once again, Ernalda thought otherwise, but agreed at the request of her kin. "I am the peacemaker, and this is how peace can be made." Yelmalio guarded Ernalda and kept all gods away from her.

When Orlanth returned, he raged and a mighty storm descended upon the Hill of Gold. Yelmalio tried to keep Orlanth from rejoining his wife, but Yelmalio failed. Orlanth defeated Yelmalio and took his spear and armor, which he later gave to his loyal thane, Elmal. Ernalda returned to the Storm Village with much celebration.

When Monrogh formed the Sun Dome Templars and rediscovered Yelmalio, the kings and chiefs of Sartar were worried. Monrogh's tribe had no women and had no true kin - there was nothing to keep the Sun Tribe from violating Sartar's Laws except war. A big council was held, and it was agreed that the tribes would give Monrogh and his followers wives, to keep the peace. The priestesses of Ernalda agreed: ""We are the peacemakers, and this is how peace can be made." Enough women agreed to marry men of the Sun Tribe that peace could be made between the Sun Tribe and the tribes Sartar. However, the Yelmalions know that their women are foreigners, and so fear their wives and guard them from all other men - especially their Orlanthi kinsmen.

Note: I recalled this story after I came across a Lunar scroll containing a very similar story set in Mirin's Cross (called Domanand in the manuscript) and dated from the Second Age. However, in that story the role of Yelmalio is given to a solar god called Tharkantus, who I had not heard of before.            

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