Re: A Peter Gabriel/Prax Connection?

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_vymQAH00FGfZzQdkvptQYAI4yrHw07vNr6q1YP8no-Q7v73p3NUtc4G7XdslxdR>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 18:31:20 +1000

Here's my Prax playlist:

Herd it through the Long Dry - Marvin Gaysable Respect (ed Elder) - Eiritha Franklin
Dust my Bison - Elmore Impalajames
Every Beast of my Herd - Gladys Nightwoman and the Paps Sittin' on the Back of a Rhino - Otis Redrhino Try a Little Rhinoceros - Otis Redrhino Hard Day's Rest - The Beastles
The Serpent - Al Wahawilson
Function at the Bigglestone - Shortly Long Winter Fertile (and the living in easy) A Longer Shade of Dry - Procul Dwarf Knoll Let's Go to Camenura's Well - The Flowerpot Oasis People Camenura Dreaming - the Mamas at the Paps. Jumpin' Jack Impala - The Rolling Sables You're the first, the last, my Eiritha-Priestess - Barry Wahahite I Put a Curse on You - Screamin' Jay Wahashaman What becomes of the poor dismounted - Jimmy Ruffrhino Standing in the shadow of Tada's High Tumulus - The Four Tada's Warriors I'm gonna tear your Oasis down - Ann Herdpeebles Ain't No Stoppin Us Now - Caylash Rhino and Whitebull Camenura Girls - the Beast Boys
Herd Vibrations - the Beast Boys
Herd Sounds - the Beast Boys
Sergeant Pepper's Lonely War Zebra's Band - the Beastles The Monkey Time - Bison Lance
Stormwalk on by - Dusty Eirithahills
No Herdman, no cry - Bob Morocanth and the Slavers

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