Re: Land of 10,000 Goddesses

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_pg8tGvsHKkJVjfhiz0TKbV6Rz4xaxQSvWV-4HEcx7XbLuJSTdfIwpJfssbwX40bcjLl8>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 07:35:18 -0000

BTW, just a reminder for those going to Tentacles:

There will be a Glorantha Q&A Panel with Greg Stafford, Lawrence Whitaker and myself. We will share our latest insights into Glorantha, drawn from recent collaborative work on Glorantha. Subjects include Esrolia and Nochet; Dara Happa and Slontos; the God World and the private life of Harmast Barefoot. Open Q&A afterwards on any and all subjects Gloranthan.

There should be lots of interesting Glorantha news at Tentacles with more to follow at Continuum!


> Howdy all -
> I just finished editing the final draft of "Esrolia: Land of 10,000
> Goddesses" (by Greg Stafford and me) and it is now being formatted and
> laid out by Rick Meints for the Tentacles Special Release (it will
> later be released as part of Moon Design's Stafford Library).
> For anyone who wanted to know anything about Esrolia, Ernalda, the
> Great Temple of Ernalda (Ezel), Nochet, Rhigos, Imarja, or even the
> origins of the Kitori - this is the book for you! Packed with
> glorious new maps of Nochet through the ages (beautifully done by
> Colin Driver), and tons of new art by Simon Bray and Mike O'Connor,
> this will be a fantastic resource for any Gloranthaphile.
> Fabian and Rick will have more details about its availability at
> Tentacles, but this book is definitely a very very cool resource.
> Solid Gloranthan Gold.
> Jeff

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