Re: Avilry - how extinct was it?

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_rxPETFYUiPR4XnKGg_AaP49vd67vvhkuLONlcSMcAp4NG3G-HF_bGGA5ywIo1Az>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 11:40:10 -0000

> > Now I am not so sure.
> >

> What has prompted this doubt?

The doubt came from the line in Glorantha The Second Age which, admittedly is rather unspecific. Also, because I'm looking at the cover of ILH2. The reason I'm doing these things is because I'm reading about Dara Happa.

It started with a boardgame challenge, which was to convert the theme/colour of any boardgame into a Gloranthan theme. Mostly, these are trivial name and text changes, for example Pure Horse/Zebra 'Credo', Founding of Pavis Monopoly, Lunar Empire Illuminati, Thanatari HeadhJunta! & Waha!cassonne. Then I was challenged with Britannia (by Lew Pulsipher) and immediately thought that Dara Happa was the place to do (Ralios was originally suggested, I did also think Dragon Pass was possible).

If you're not familiar with Britannia, it is a 4 player game where each player takes on the role of various nations invading Britain between AD 53 and 1066, with approx 75 year turn length. Each nation scores points for doing stuff that it historically did, they vote for Bretwaldas and kings etc.

I started splitting up the Fortunate Succession into game turns and started to try to fit various peoples/nations/armies/councils/tribes into the 4 player format. It has ended up a bit more than a straight colour/theme swap and may not work as it is more ambitious than other games, but I certainly think it's possible and could work even if I can't do it.


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