Avilry - how extinct was it?

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_l-0sVdQ5CCEAkEaY-Ah1RouwAOgqozn7aRka8N86GzD6WqlDABI9OAI3udj2cHY>
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2008 22:31:17 -0000

I have a question relating to the Avilry of Rinliddi. I had once made the assumption that they had been extinct at the start of Time, wiped out by horse nomads, and have only recently started being used again, with birds being brought back from heroquests.

Now I am not so sure. Have there been avilry throughout Time, even though they've not been mentioned much in histories nor is there much sign of them in any early sources.

There are clearly augners in the Third Age but I'm tempted to believe that they are a new development (or a revival of something pre-  like a new military technology, as yet unproven.

>From ILH

"The Avian Return Movement's effects are increasinly obvious, as herds of augners roam the plains."

"It is the centre for quail rearing in the Empire and an important location in the program to breed augners for military use."

Glorantha 2nd Age, says that they ride Avilry in Rinliddi, but I'm not convinced other than perhaps for ceremonial purposes.


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