An idea about shrines in the West

From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_AA7PJrAS3ETldoqO1QBIbshJLcJZXf2XN24XAOvdxmWt9ouvUppi740Jnf_vJ9WUpHY>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 18:59:44 -0000

I've been reading the Merlin trilogy, and just had this thought about western Glorantha (Janube valley, specifically).

We know there are places in Glorantha where the barriers between the worlds are thinner than usual. We also know there are places that are sacred to specific gods and spirits.

>From a sorcerer's point of view those places are probably linked to
specific runic powers, and have just been claimed by the spirit or god.

I've started to think that such magical spots tend to be marked and occupied by shrines. Sometimes the shrine is to a saint, sometimes to a pagan god, and sometimes it may just be a circle of stone that is useful for many types of magic, and dangerous to the unwary and untrained.

Maybe the same place can originally have held a shrine to a firy diety, and later have been converted to a shrine of Gerlant Flamesword. Even later, it may have been claimed by a sorcerous academy founder, and be used as their portal to some firy node of sorcerous power. And so on...

I rather like this approach. What do you guys think?


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