The lunar connection

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Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 13:12:44 -0000

Continuing on the same track as previously about the shrines...

In the sorcery academy game I'm putting together, the Indigo Circle's secret is a cavern of blue crystals under their school. This place has a strong connection to the mysterious blue moon, and functions as a spell node with strange powers (think of the blue moon cult writeup). Scrying, consealment and prophecy.

As we know, there is a strong lunar presense along the Janube river. The empire is not there, but the faith is, and the lunars have strong traditions in sorcery as well.

Moon is an element on Glorantha. Even though Annilla is a different being than the red moon revered by the lunars, they are still both lunar powers. What does this mean for the cavern of blue crystals?

It would be a tempting target anyway, but is it also somethign that can be turned into a red-moon powerspot instead of the blue moon spot it is now, because they are both lunar powers? At the moment I'm thinking that it's literally a piece of the Blue Moon that fell during the godswar, but it could still be used to contact powers of the Red Moon, with a -10 or -20 penalty to it's power.


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