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Here is the same answer, but arranged properly.  

Greg Stafford wrote:

YGWV valkoharja wrote:
> Continuing on the same track as previously about the shrines...
> In the sorcery academy game I'm putting together, the Indigo Circle's
> secret is a cavern of blue crystals under their school. This place has
> a strong connection to the mysterious blue moon, and functions as a
> spell node with strange powers (think of the blue moon cult writeup).
> Scrying, consealment and prophecy.

Although of course a node is, specifically, a connection with the Sorcery Plane, and if this is Lunar, then this would be a node-like connection with the Moon.

> As we know, there is a strong lunar presense along the Janube river.
> The empire is not there, but the faith is, and the lunars have strong
> traditions in sorcery as well.
> Moon is an element on Glorantha. Even though Annilla is a different
> being than the red moon revered by the lunars, they are still both
> lunar powers. What does this mean for the cavern of blue crystals?

Sure they are both Lunar powers. But what modifiers would an Elmal worshipper have to using a Yelm holy place? both are sun gods, etc. Well, the same sort of modifiers would be in place for the an "imperial Lunar" or a Sedenya worshipper using an Annilla place.

> It would be a tempting target anyway, but is it also somethign that
> can be turned into a red-moon powerspot instead of the blue moon spot
> it is now, because they are both lunar powers?
> At the moment I'm
> thinking that it's literally a piece of the Blue Moon that fell during
> the godswar,

If it is the moon in northern Peloria, then it would be Lesilla.

> but it could still be used to contact powers of the Red
> Moon, with a -10 or -20 penalty to it's power.

Yes, according to whatever modifiers you use.

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