Re: Shadows on the Borderland

From: Stephen McGinness <stephenmcg_at_Ib1XB2G6ygLP87YmGz2BTQV0NV8CVmE7EwxYcHlrXoA4a4gtajQ7-qIMBt-Cm40oD>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 22:16:10 +0100

Found it - despite the contents page the maps are on a single sheet of paper that was stuck between two pages of the main book...

Now I'm all set to play some chaos murder mystery!

Stephen McGinness wrote:
> I picked this up recently and it seems to be missing some maps. The
> contents suggest that the maps of Black Rock village should be on the
> inside of the cover but while I have two pristine maps of the Dyskund
> caves and the 'something' Holes there is no Black Rock village and
> surrounds.
> Was this a problem with the scenario pack - were the maps ever made
> available or did I just get a duff version?
> Stephen

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