Tentacles Deja Vu: I think I'll have a Deja Vu!

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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 14:28:43 +0200

Volume 9, Number 3, April 2008

~~ S l u r p F o l k s ! ~~

Welcome to the April Tentacles News Post, featuring all the latest Tentacles news and views. Feel free to forward this newsletter to friends, allies and sworn enemies.

~ I t h i n k I ' l l h a v e a D e j a V u ! ~

Tentacles Deja Vu is booked out and the registration deadline has passed. It is less then 2 weeks until we will evoke precious memories of this event! So start gathering all your stuff in a dark corner of your habitat so nothing evil is left behind.

Our Immortal Heroes are eager for their dose of horrible Tentacles Jetlag(TM), the programme and games sprawl on the website, foul air is being bloated into the weary tires of the Tentacles Shuttle Bus, bold German Beer Bottles shuffle in line to be the 1st placed into the cold by experienced, well-trained, gentle German hands, all locals are chased out of the OLAK (Only Local Area Kebab) and Bacharach is shutting its doors and windows. All the ancient Tentacles are moving with horrible experience and cruel speed in aeons-old patterns to raise:


The HeroQuest, Cthulhu, Eternal Champion, Pendragon and RuneQuest Game Fest
9th - 12th May 2008
Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany

Fabian (amidst a fearless mob of refreshing Tentacles Beercards(TM))

~ T e n t a c l e s I m m o r t a l H e r o b a n d ~

We have been successful at digging up a worthy corpse to represent Sandy Petersen this year! Mr. Mike Mason himself has been reanimated for this very reason. He even looks like Sandy! It is also an evil scheme to get some of the 'Kult of Keepers' back into action! But he is not the only new addition...

Read more about our esteemed list of Tentacled Guests: http://www.tentacles-convention.de/guests.html

~ F r e e F o r m G a m e s ~

Our FreeForms are filling up fast! We are happy to announce 3 (!) more new games! 'A Thing Well Done' is a Glorantha FreeForm by Alison Place and Ian Gorlick, 'A Night at the Opera' a classic Cthulhu FreeForm and perfect Deja Vu event by Sandy Petersen directed by Mike Mason and 'The Infoshrine FreeForm' by Pummel will give you an unholy insight into the wheelings and dealings behind a Tentacles Convention. On top of that we could reanimate the Pendragon FreeForm 'Royal Fair, Royal Fear'! Horray!

Read more here:

N o t e:
Sign-up for all FreeForm games have been sent out via email to all confirmed attendees.

~ T e n t a c l e s P r o g r a m m e ~

The programme of Tentacles Deja Vu is online:


But it still may be subject to change...

~ T e n t a c l e s G a m e s ~

All 41 Tentacles games are online and wait to be filled by hapless players at the 'Game Sign-up Riot' Saturday!



~ T e n t a c l e s S p e c i a l E v e n t s ~

T e n t a c l e s S o c c e r M a t c h To start a new tradition the Tentacles Team invites all of you to bring your soccer shoes and compete against the Tentacles Team in a fun soccer match on the green field down in Bacharach. We are aiming to claim a slot there on Saturday around 15:00! If you want to join us and play ball write an email to:


G r e a t C a m e l o t T o u r n a m e n t Come to Camelot! The great King Arthur is sponsoring a tournament at the end of the season. Knights are invited to the competition. Warm up and learn the ropes by dropping by to learn the game in ten minutes (prepared character) or entering one of the Competition Rounds where you can generate your own character. English, German, French and Dutch GMs will be at hand. The final game is Saturday evening and all nights (winners and losers alike) can come to the great competition at Camelot.

~ N e w R e l e a s e s a t T e n t a c l e s ~

Tentacles is very proud to announce that Chaosium and Moon Design will release new products at Tentacles Deja Vu:

Have a look and bring cash:

~ T e n t a c l e s P o l l R e s u l t s ~

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Tentacles Programme Poll and helped us to get a better idea what events are your favourites. Here are the results:


~ T e n t a c l e s F A Q E x p a n d e d ~

Check out and read the new additions to the Tentacles FAQ:


~ N e w s f r o m t h e W e b m i s t r e s s ~

'There are bottom-of-the-page links.

There is Search Page.

There is Site Map.'

Judy Routt

~ O u r p r o u d S p o n s o r s ~

Here are the proud sponsors of Tentacles who generously to provide all kinds of support, spread the word, donate books and games as prizes for our GMs, the Tentacles Tombola and for the auction!

Check out their websites, games, nifty products and services:

Chaosium, Inc.

Chaosium will also be present with a fully equipped booth run by Charlie Krank himself! Go get these Cthulhu Monographs...

Pegasus Spiele GmbH.

Pegasus will also have a booth selling all their drool-worthy cool games and products!

Moon Design

Issaries, Inc.

Mongoose Publishing

Heidelberger Spieleverlag

White Wolf

Cthulhu Lives

We will screen their classic 'The Call of Cthulhu' Silent Movie again!

Darcsyde Productions

Darcsyde is now generously hosting our newsletter on their server.



The HeroQuest, Cthulhu, Eternal Champion, Pendragon and RuneQuest Game Fest 9th - 12th May 2008 Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany

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