Re: Disease and opposing world views

From: Stephen McGinness <stephenmcg_at_IMX9gr0zGqy58-JIt_qwEq7sjmcJBn5ogIFvvnqaGQX1QOaKRrxoUsxhnery275Rn>
Date: Sat, 03 May 2008 23:13:54 +0100

Good point - I had been concentrating so much on the RQ I had missed this essential point which comes out more strongly in HQ.

This brings things back round to my other interest just now - opposing magics. Would this mean that animists were more effective at dealing with disease or just that Gods like Chalana Arroy are actually anti-animist specialists whose magic is designed to deal with this particular foreign magic.

There are a few good stories that could come from this line of reasoning I think.

Thank you - I think I have gained insight here!!

Stephen wrote:
> Disease spirits are associated with Mallia who is a Great Spirit
> rather than a Goddess. It's possible there is a god or goddess
> of disease but nothing has been published about one. More likely
> are some essences of disease.
> However the practices of dealing with disease spirits are different
> between cultures. An animist would, as you suggest, drive the spirits
> out of the host body. A theist healer would reenact their goddess's
> actions which would have the same effect as would a monotheist's
> prayers to their saint.
> So the perceptions are different but the results are the same.
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