Re: What Mostali Look Like

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_7liZ1YXLavCuHTCf4Kbmm0oOF0_F68-IK7w4Lt1J5NM4DZoi734IoY8wWQKfNN9QJk8A>
Date: Wed, 07 May 2008 05:43:36 -0000

> >Dwarves as ancient looking misshapen and hairy is the classic dwarf
> >look that Mostali seem to conform to, all of which (along with short
> >stature, I suppose) signify great age-which seems appropriate, as we
> >know that orthodox Mostali are immortal, and what's more those craggy
> >old men's features are evocative of rock faces.
> As it happens, I was looking at all of the King of Dragon Pass
> mostali artwork last night, and I think it would be safe to describe
> ours as smartly attired and well-groomed. And short, of course.

I think we should make a difference between proper mostali and the clay mostali that we are likely to see. The true mostali are a piece of living rock or metal, without a detectable scrap of Spirit within it, yet softened somehow by life. They can move their squat form with remarkable grace. They are likely perfect of form, since they were made by the Maker.

The clay mostali are likely misshapen, short, and often ugly. But they were not made by the Maker.


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