Re: What Mostali Look Like

From: David Dunham <david_at_FtiHVvOit0v3E6KNGuXngLuv3u771SFKRCK9ekMJMFRS2l2R5HKGvOfaSywFP1agIdoZiG>
Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 17:32:27 -0700


>Dwarves as ancient looking misshapen and hairy is the classic dwarf
>look that Mostali seem to conform to, all of which (along with short
>stature, I suppose) signify great age-which seems appropriate, as we
>know that orthodox Mostali are immortal, and what's more those craggy
>old men's features are evocative of rock faces.

As it happens, I was looking at all of the King of Dragon Pass mostali artwork last night, and I think it would be safe to describe ours as smartly attired and well-groomed. And short, of course.


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