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From: John Hughes <john.hughes_at_C9dHTrYhrVoJFP_ZSnX3GO3pDUIfZnaf6-08zImzE47OBKq5ERnTeuMZT0C1CSkr>
Date: Thu, 08 May 2008 11:43:02 +1000

At 10:40 AM 8/05/2008, you wrote:
>In message <> Felix Felix writes:
>Is it true that humans are associated only with the man rune? Most
>things have two runes. I can't recall anything which associates any
>runes with humans as a group.

Nice call. Gloranthan Humans, at least according to human myth, were made by many gods, and possibly not all at the same time. So you could say that Humans have a little bit of all the major runes. Or perhaps stick with the classification that humans are bearers of both Man and Beast Rune.

I really like the suggested reinterpretation of Mostali. A bit more thinking to cast off the cliches, and I might even let them into my Glorantha!



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