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YGWV wrote:
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> writes:
> I'm inclined to take John Hughes's suggestion a bit further and
> say humans are associated with the man rune plus a rune based
> on the mythical tribe they came from. So Dara Happens are man and
> sun, Orlanthi are man and storm, Ernaldans are man and earth,
> Praxians are man and beast. Then morocanth are also man and beast
> but herd men are just beast.

I've been saying this is the standard for a long time.
> Another interesting borderline case is the Aldryami. As a group
> they are associated with man and plant.

I'd suggest that the "elves" are associated with the man rune and plant rune. Other aldryami are not.
> While this is pretty
> straight forward for elves and dryads I'm not so convinced about
> runners and pixies. Then there are odd things like mobile plants
> who the Aldryami count as one of themselves but surely don't
> have a man rune.

To be a bit picky, the elves consider themselves to be mobile plants, with the man rune, but the "fighting trees" do not have the man rune.

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