Re: How best to learn about God Learners

From: Jamallo Kreen <jamallokreen_at__gv6V83nyE33epx6byWYN8xmzABKF33TMhcMrmrV6jr6iCVqjBwH0tqOGVl2Wim>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 22:29:49 -0000

Well, it's certainly *informative,* but rather after the fashion of a French Crusading priest bashing in the head of an Egyptian Coptic Christian and telling him that it was because the Copts call the BVM "Christotokos" instead of "Theotokos," which makes them damnable heretics who are better off dead than alive. (Thank goodness the Pope's astronomer announced this week that there is probably life in outer space and that it might not suffer from Original Sin, so it may not require extermination for heresy. I added the last bit, but it was implied. I wonder if "Unam sanctum" applies off-Earth, though, and if it does, how far does it reach? To the Moon, certainly, I would think.)  

Ahem! I suppose, Jeff, that if I actually read "The Middle Sea Empire" I would actually understand the distinctions which you have drawn. Have you a link to the "Stafford Library"?

I'm in far better shape with "Jrustela" and "The Second Age," because has recommended the former (which is in my shopping cart already), and may have also recommended the latter, but memory fails me on that item. Apropos of the price, they are, I think, imports to the US, so their prices are fairly close to that $50 limit I have set.  At least we don't have to pay VAT on them!

Thank you both very, very much. This is an overwhelming topic, and I feel slightly less whelmed now.            

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