Hoarfoot, King of the Wereducks

From: Stewart Stansfield <stu_stansfield_at_DqgP2iJslFBc8HGKccwrI5OgfU7X4wXEumRyziOx-x_xzQCMGGx9ol7UYXX3A>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 01:35:14 -0000

A quick .jpeg preview of King Hoarfoot II of the Durulz (aka "Old King Stoutgild", r. 1402-1429):


The king wears the united crowns of the Durulz Valley, along with various other minor bits of regalia. Sadly the mug's not magical, but he has servants to keep it topped up. Leaning against his 'throne' is the ancient shield Thunderwell, one of the treasures of his folk.

The staff is actually a magical barge pole, which always finds the bottom, no matter how deep the water. It's also useful for banging on the floor and hitting people with, sufficing until Sartar gives the wereducks the Staff of Lordship (which is a little better suited for such) later that century.

All from Newt's upcoming 'Hearts in Glorantha' 'zine.



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