Sky in the God's War Question

From: danhalberd <dan_at_9pEKs5RUeCjkn4X85ydllvxd6ppYl6nbcXwoMwGYyBrPTPJJp-K0jwwgR50WPSnRCOTy_NiB>
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 23:04:03 -0000

I was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about what the sky looks like if you go on a heroquest to the time of Emperor Vanyoramet but you are in Dragon Pass. I suppose you see Dayzatar low on the horizon (to the west?), Pole Star, Lokarnos and Shargash in the sky because GRoY tells us this. However I'm not sure if there is any bigger sources of light in the sky. For example is light provided by Antirius (I guess low in the sky and to the north?) or is Antirius actually inside the roof over Dara Happa? Is Elmal in the sky like a sun or a star or is he on the ground in some sort of stead ruling the Vingkotlings and if so does he make light - or perhaps both? Also is there any moon in the sky (I don't know - Natha? Verithurasa? Ulurdu? - as these are forms of the moon goddess I presume they were once celestial bodies). A far as Heortlings are concerned is the time of Emperor Vanyoramet the late Storm Age or is it the start of the Greater Darkness?            

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