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>I was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about what the sky looks
>like if you go on a heroquest to the time of Emperor Vanyoramet but you
>are in Dragon Pass.

The Heortlings will see things through Heortling mythology. Elmal is shining from atop Mount Kerofin and Rigsdal and other stars will be visible in the sky. There's a day/night cycle of sorts but it's not as regular as the current days and there will be periods in which Elmal doesn't come out because he's resting from his wounds (after the last close encounter with Shargash, Sky Terror, Teller of Lies and so on).

As for Dara Happa, the situation is more complex. Early in the God's War, there's the War of Many Suns with Antirius becoming victorious but the last remaining holdouts are Sedenya of Mernita and Manimat of Darjiin. Sedenya gradually becomes Red then Blue before being shot down from the Sky by the Emperor Lukarius, forming the Blue Moon Plateau. Darjiin isn't defeated until Emperor Manarlavus sends Shargash against them.

I don't believe all of Dara Happa was placed under the Roof. Instead the roof was a tomb-city that contained a manifestation of Antirius while the world outside steadily got worse. Eventually Antirius died and all was darkness until the coming of Kargzant, who wandered widely.

In Prax and the Greatlands, the light there is Yamsur who shines until the Devil destroys him.

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