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Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 21:56:40 -0700

>> In Glorantha there are many people who act as their god's mortal
>> henchpeople. But they do so because they believe in their god
>> and that the god's way is right.

I think you (Jamallo) are trying to fit apples into a orang (or even orange) crate - in Glorantha mortals *can* become gods (many have; minor gods at least. There have been some spectacular failures as well, though...), without losing their minds, whereas it sounds like the Forgotten Realms doesn't allow this to occur.

And Donald doesn't quite have it in the quote above. You don't need to believe in your god - he/she/it just is. It's like believing in the government - it's there whether you want it to be! Some people like one form of govenrment over another, and it's the same in Glorantha.

All Gloranthan cultures acknowledge that supernatural entities exist. Some may look at their neighbors and say "They are a bunch of heathens because they beleieve in that "Storm God" instead of the One God", but even the most conservative Malkioni (Monotheist) knows that there are great "demons" out there, even if their followers call them Gods or Great Spirits.

As far as believing "that the god's way is right", it's more a case of "our gods are right" - Glorantha has pantheons, Spirit traditions and the like rather than a "I believe in this one god out of many" of (at least old-style, can't comment on FR) D&D. A person may follow one god more closely than other, but he is part of a community, and the community worships a group of "our gods" - entites that have proven themself useful and beneficial. Some may have even been ancestors of the current day believers.


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